Niklas Zennstrom Biography: Co-Founder of Skype

Niklas Zennstrom:-

Niklas Zennstrom is the swedish computer programmer, Philanthropist, entrepreneur and best known for founding several high profile ventures including Kazaa and Skype. Zennstrom is also a co-founder of the charity organization. Niklas Zennstrom was born on Feb 16, 1966. He has founded technology investment firm Atomio and has become a significant figure had for entrepreneurs in the tech sector.

Niklas Zennstrom is about 50 years old. Zennstrom passed BSC (Business Administration) and MSC (Engineering Physics) from Uppsala University in Sweden. He has two degrees from Uppsala University. In 1991, Zennstrom started his career at the European telecom operator Tele2. He worked nine years in Tele2 .


Niklas Zennstrom Life Story

Niklas Zennstrom Life Story


He met Janus Friis and they decided to develop their own application after some time they developed Peer-to-Peer file sharing application Skype and Kazaa. Skype has become world famous communication application. In 2003, Kazaa was sold to Sharman Networks. Zennstrom also co-founded Alt-net. 14 October 2005 Niklas and Janus sold Skype to EBay for US $2.6 Billion. Zennstrom was CEO until September 2007 Skype became the global leader in internet voice communication. After launching Skype has thirty nine million users with in five months.

Niklas Zennstrom biography

Niklas Zennstrom biography

Zennstrom co-founded Atomio. Atomio is an international investment firm. After he had sold Skype he focused on his firm. Atomio head quarter is in London with offices in Beijing, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, and Istanbul, more than fifty companies invested so far. After that Zennstrom founded Zennstrom Philanthropies. He and his wife Catherine worked together at this company. Zennstrom received numerous awards and other awards he was also recognized by Time Magazine as one of most Influential people in 2006.

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1. ”As an entrepreneur, if you are the orginator you need to be faster than ever.”

2. ”We also have a conference call feature where up to 8 to 9 people can talk on one Skype call.”

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