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Mike Krieger:

Mike Krieger is a Brazilian Computer Programmer, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur  best known as the co-founder of Instagram. Mike was born on March 4, 1986 in Sao Paulo he moved to California to study. Mike Krieger developed Instagram with his best friend Kevin Systrom. He studied Software engineering at Stand ford University. Stand ford is world’s best University. During his studies, he met Kevin Systrom and they became co-founder of Instagram. Instagram was launched in 2010. Krieger got married with Kaithlyn Trigger.


Mike Krieger Life Story

Mike Krieger


Krieger announced a partnership with charity evaluator the name of firm is Give walls and the commited around US $ 750,000 over the next 2 years in April 2015. Give wall’s is an American Non-Profit charity evaluator and effective altuism focused organization. Give wall is located in San Francisco, California, United State of America.

Kevin Systrom | Co-Founder of Instagram
Miranda Kerr | Victoria Secret  Model

We belive that all people deserve a free vibrant and productive life. To support this vision, we identify and support forward-thinking ideas and help scale. Solution that work.

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1.  ”Just because you have googled something does not mean you have learned.”

2.  ”With hundred million people, somebody is using your product in some interesting way. If you change it….You are going to break some use cases.”


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