Janus Friis Biography: Co-founder of Skype

Janus Friis Biography

Janus Friis Biography

Janus Friis Biography :-

          Janus Friis is a co-founder of Skype born on Jan 26, 1976. Janus Friis is a Danish Entrepreneur and he is famous with co-founding the file sharing application (Kazaa) and Peer-to-Peer technology application Skype. Janus Friis and his partner Niklas Zennstrom sold Skype to eBay for $ 2.6 billion in September 2005. Friss has alot of interest in Skype application and maintained ownership interest in Skype through “Silver Lake Partner’s” that sold Skype to Microsoft for $ 8.5 billion in May, 2011.

Janus Friis BiographySilver Lake Partner’s is an Amarican private equity firm founded in 1999 and this firm is one of the best and largest technology investors in the world like (Dell, Ali-baba, Broadcom, Go-daddy, William Morris Endeavo, IMG worldwide, Anaya, Sabre, Holding, Skype, Symantec, Seagate technology and NASAQ.) Silver Lake head quarter in Menlo Park with offices in New York, London, Hongkong, and about more three-forth offices. Silver Lake has eight offices in five countries.

Janus Friis Life Story

Janus Friis Life Story

Friss has no formal higher education. Friss started his career to join Cyber city. Cyber City is one of the most Denmark’s first Internet Services Provider in the world. Friss was hired to run its custom support he met Zennstrom. They worked together at Tele2 to launch get2net. After two years they decided to leave their jobs. In 2000 they started developing Kazaa.

Niklas Zennstrom | Skype Co-Founder
Steve Jobs | Apple Co-Founder

After Kazaa success they developed Peer-To-Peer technology which name is Skype and now skype is one of the most using application on Internet. Skype has more than three hundred million monthly active user’s and Skype is much more likely used for voice calls.

Janus Friis Biography

Janus Friis Biography

Friis was named in Time Magazine’s list of Hundred most influential people in 2006. In his home country Janus Fariis was awarded by IT-Prise (“The IT Prize”). Friis was engaged to Danish recording Artist Aura Dione she used to sell multi-Platinum Danish recording of Fareoses, Spanish, French and Danish origin .But the couple Split up in April 2015.

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